Shooting the Hallucinogenic Honey Harvesters of Nepal

Shooting the Hallucinogenic Honey Harvesters of Nepal

About halfway through Vice’s video about the hallucinogenic-honey harvesters of Nepal, correspondent Abdullah Saeed, dressed in a beekeeper suit, complains to the camera: “There’s bees everywhere. As soon as we got to the top of the hill our camera guy Billy [Voermann] got stuck in the back, so I know he probably hates holding that camera right now.”

Cynthia Orgel just did a piece on Bedford + Bowery about our talented friend Igor Kropotov. They discuss his many adventures, the latest shoot about Nepalese “Mad Honey” for Vice, what it was like growing up in Siberia and Moscow, and what helped influenced him to become the strong and talented Director of Photography he is today.

Read The Full Interview Here


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