Music: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Fright Night (Nevermore)

Filmed with an extra creepy hi-8 mini dv camera on October 28th, COMUNE’s friends and family gathered for a spaced-out creep-out party under the stars at The Standard rooftop. Like every good host, we had the ultimate party bags… 100 COMUNE ski masks.

The party came at the perfect time to help celebrate our friend Angel’s birthday. Since we were in a gift giving mood, we brought our friend a air brushed cake and a cross filled floral arrangement fit for any funeral. Things got a little wild when Brendan Gerard jumped into the pool, with a ski mask and bunny ears. But he wasn’t left swimming in the middle of a party by himself for long. Two blonde girls jumped in soon after turning the pool into the creepiest place in all of downtown LA. Man about town – Morgan Pharoh was there to host the party with us, and brought a ton of his crew along for the ride. By nights end the party was packed with creeps and the hotel rooms were left tagged and tormented.

We promised to award one of the guests with the biggest creep award and what’s just about creepiest thing you can do at a party? Just ask COMUNE office General Manager, Eric Basangan who was photographed passed out mid party in one of the hotel rooms. The guy can sleep through anything!

Thanks to all who came out!


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