“Nocturnally Yours” Interview with Director David Ferino

“Nocturnally Yours” Interview with Director David Ferino

AD:  When and where can we check out this amazing horror/comedy short?

DF:  Actually we’ll be hosting a private friends-and-family screening at Bronson Bar in Hollywood on Friday, April 21st. Then in July, the movie will premiere and begin its festival run at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, which is a major genre fest that’s partnered with Cannes. Exact date is TBD.

AD:  Excellent, and your last project ‘Emptied’ also premiered there too. I’m really excited to come to this screening at Bronson Bar with all of our friends there, this project was so much fun to work with you on and I think everyone is really going to enjoy it’s dark humor. Its really cool seeing how all the friends from USC have helped each other out and collaborated with one another over the years.

DF:  Yeah our crew has become a genuine family. Production designer Maxwell Orgell, cinematographer Cristina Dunlap, and producer Jocelyn Webber have all collaborated with me previously. Other crew members were buddies from home and college. It was awesome to work with the same family of collaborators again, but I was thrilled to add some new pals to the team.

AD:  Yeah you definitely have a full crew of amazing people both in the acting and production world to work with now, any new key players you’d like to highlight?

DF:  Well I met our composer Max Lombardo prior to this project, he quickly become an instrumental part of shaping the movie’s tone. (Pun intended.) He was building temp score before I’d even provided notes, and knew just how to bring his own tastes and experiences into my preexisting ideas. You always want to continue creating with your closest confidantes, but Max’s involvement reminded me that often a little fresh blood can go a long way.

AD:  The actors in this were also great, Bonnie in particular was so much fun to watch.

DF:  Definitely. Bonnie Aarons, who plays the heroine’s bat-shit-crazy next door neighbor, was the demon nun in The Conjuring 2. And her character gained such an immense cult following that the third installment of the horror series is a spin-off of this role. It’s currently in production under the title The Nun.

AD:  Wow, I had no idea. Those movies are so scary! Anything else you’d like to add?

DF:  The short was a proof-of-concept for a feature. Production on the full movie begins soon so keep your eyes and ears open for it.

AD:  Definitely will! Thanks for sharing some insight.

Be sure to check out more of David’s work here:  davidferino.com

Cinematographer Cristina Dunlap’s: cristinadunlap.com

Composer Max Lombardo’s: maxlombardo.com

Production Designer Maxwell Orgell’s: maxwellorgell.com



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