PRADA presents ‘PAST FORWARD’ by David O. Russell

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Written and directed by David O. Russell
Produced by Anonymous Content and Hi! Production

Allison Williams
John Krasinski
Freida Pinto
Jack Huston
Kuoth Wiel
Sinqua Walls
Connie Britton
Paula Patton
Thomas Matthews
Jason Sklar
Randy Sklar
Garry Clemmons
Jason Clemmons
Sacha Baron Cohen

Producer Ayelet Weinerman
Executive Producer Max Brun
Line Producer Shea Kammer
Director of Photography Darren Lew
Production Designer Maxwell Orgell
Editor Christopher Gay, ACE
Costume Styling Nancy Collini
Casting Directors Mary Vernieu and Lindsay Graham
Creative Consultant Michael Rock
Special Thanks to Verde Visconti
Associate Producer Sarena Cohen
Music Supervisors Susan Jacobs and Jacqyelyn Mulhearn
Choreography Mandy Moore

Side Note: Our dog Dorian Greyhound is captured momentarily in The Broad Museum sequence – he is the first dog to ever be off leash in The Broad lol. He did quite well and for the most part was being obedient but let me tell you, we won’t be pushing him to become a professional doggy actor anytime soon. The level of stress and control is more excruciating for the owner than the animal.

Behind The Scenes Photos Courtesy of PRADA

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