The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’ Video With Daft Punk

The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’ Video With Daft Punk
The Weeknd released the new video for “I Feel It Coming,” the second of two Starboy collaborations with Daft Punk The Warren Fu-directed video has the blurry picture quality of an Eighties’ VHS tape. Abel Tesfaye dances around a desolate planet, waiting for the interval in the day where his girl, entombed in stone, morphs back into human form. Following an eclipse, the woman is again turned into stone, but a heavy wind blows her over and she crumbles, with a black snake emerging from the rubble. When the Weeknd reaches for the snake, he too transforms into a statue, which gets covered by snow and erosion. Daft Punk make a cameo at the end, as a pair of explorers who stumble upon the neon residue of the Weeknd’s existence. The Weeknd and Daft Punk previously performed “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy” during the 2017 Grammys, which marked the French dance duo’s first live appearance since their all-star medley at the 2014 Grammys. Rolling Stone Article >> Project Page Director – Warren Fu Director of Photography – Shawn Kim Production Designer – Maxwell Orgell Producer – Raffi Adlan Partizan Productions The Weeknd Daft Punk
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